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Details & Registration

We are excited to announce that in 2017 TEAM Youth Foundation will embark in a partnership with Special Olympics. We have been working toward this for a few years and have finally found the means to make it happen.

The plan is to start the program just like we have started everything else…With Football.


We will have an event on May 13th that will be like a skills camp and competition in the afternoon, invite all Special Olympics participants in the area to register and... come spend the afternoon with us. This will be informational as well, to see what the interest level is for the flag football competitions in the fall. The plan is to offer Special Olympics Flag Football in the Fall and have a Team for each of our Families i.e. Red Raider, Raven, Longhorn, Aggie and Spartan. They will compete here and be part of each of our families. As well we will attend Area competition in San Antonio against other teams in October.


To make this happen we will need volunteers to coach from each of our Football Families.

A Positive Sports Experience Starts with the Coach


If you are interested in working with the Special Olympics Kids please drop me an email at and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction.  

We want to start with football in the fall and carry on a great season with Basketball in the winter. The kids we reach with our “Life skill” programs and great positive coaching & teaching need us to continue doing what we are doing and these Special Olympians have the same need. Let’s give them the same benefits as our kids currently receive.

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