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What are the age groups for football?

  • Flag: 4yr-Kinder

  • Freshman: 1-2 Grades

  • Junior Varsity: 3-4 Grades

  • Varsity: 5-6 Grades


How many Teams are there? 


  • 1- New Braunfels Spartans


Where does the team practice?

Weston fields across Doeppenschmidt road from Tree of Life Church. See map.


When does the Season Start?

Fall Football's season runs approximately from the end of July until the last week in October.

9 on 9, Flex football typically starts in May and runs for about 8 weeks.

When are the practices?

Fall Football- 2 practices and 1 walk through per week, and flag football up to two.

Cheer- 3 practies per week

9 on 9(Flex)- 1 to 2 practices per week.


How long are the practices?

Practices usually last from 90 to 120 minutes


How many coaches are on a team?

Up to 1 head coach and 5 assistant coaches.


How are the coaches chosen?

Coaches are required to fill out and application and are accepted by the NBSpartan Board. After that process then they must take an on-line certification course, background check and 3-5 hours of classroom training. After that, they will be placed on a team.


What does the league provide for the registration fee?

Helmet, Shoulder pads, supplemental insurance, and a game jersey that the player gets to keep at the end of the season. As well a highly trained coaching staff, paid and trained officials and safe places to practice and play.


What do the players have to provide?

You will need to provide pants and cleats, shorts & tennis shoes.


How can I keep up with events and other important dates involving NBSpartans?

You can visit our facebook page TEAMYouthFoundation.




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